“Once we decided to actually go for the project and pursue it with some dedication, things went very smoothly. We went from an idea, to a grant application the next day, to a fully funded project three months later."
- Justin Wheler, St. Paul's United, Edmonton


Basic Info

Our Retrofit Grants are designed to reduce financial barriers for medium to large scale energy efficiency projects. These grants are available for any United Church congregation, camp or outreach ministry.

We are requiring congregations to submit their energy data so that we can better measure improvements in the church’s energy use nationally, and so that you can see the difference that your own efforts make. We are also requiring an energy audit. This audit should match the scale of the project and reflect an understanding of the potential energy savings. Finally, 50% matching funds are required. 

For Retrofit Grants we are requiring energy data to be submitted one-year after the work is complete, to measure and celebrate improvements. A final instalment of funds and an energy benchmark report will be sent upon submission of this one-year-later energy consumption data.

These Retrofit grants aim to help make bold building efficiency projects within reach for congregations. Read inspirational stories of what other congregations have undertaken here.


    Retrofit Grants may cover the following things:

    • Solar installation
    • Installation of a energy efficient heating and cooling system
    • Insulation of attic or walls in medium to larger building (where building systems allow)
    • Upgrading of windows
    • Major air sealing (caulking and weather stripping)
    • Replacement of several appliances within the building
    • Major renovations and additions
    • Other projects specific to your building, or recommended
      through an energy audit


    Step 1: Fill out an Expression of Interest Form (below), and we will be in touch to talk about your ideas and send you the full application form.

    Step 2: Have a Green Audit or Engineering Audit done (the cost of this can be included in the grant application, to be reimbursed if grant is approved and recommendations are acted on)

    Step 3: Applying for funds, with a plan and budget, and 1 years’ worth of energy data. Application are excepted on a rolling basis.

    Note: For Retrofit grants, 50% matching funds will be required. This means that in order to receive a $30,000 grant, you will need to demonstrate having found an additional $15,000 in matching funds. These can be grants or rebates from government or utilities, or can be in kind labour, donations, or congregational endowment funds.      

    Step 4: You will hear from us within 4 weeks if you receive the funds. Then go ahead and make the planned changes!

    Step 5: Submit your receipts, along with 4-8 high-resolution photos of your team working to make this happen, and a summary report so we can share your success with others. Once these are received we will send the bulk of the funds as a reimbursement.

    Step 6: One year after the work has been completed, submit that past year’s energy consumption data. Remaining $1000 of funds and a benchmark report measuring the difference in your energy use will be sent upon receipt of that data.

    Step 7: Stay in touch so we can continue to celebrate your good work with you!