Nova Scotia

Grant and Rebates

Grants and Rebates that will help fund the energy assessment and retrofit of your faith based building:

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Small Business Program

If your building is owned by a registered non-profit organization you may receive a free energy assessment, rebates of up to 60% on upgrade projects, and 24-months interest free financing.

The building must consume less then 350, 000 kwh of electricity a year in order to participate. Even if you do not get the free energy assessment, you can still be eligible for 24-months of interest free financing for energy efficiency upgrades done to your building.

Business Energy Rebates Program

Any non-profit organization can apply for business energy rebates including lighting rebates and appliance rebates.

Appliance Retirement Program

This program is available to all residential, business and non-profit organizations in Nova Scotia. If you have a fridge that is 10 years or older and still works but is wasting a huge amount of electricity, you can call Efficiency Nova Scotia, arrange a pick-up and get $30.

Community Solar Program

For all community buildings including faith-based buildings): This program provides non-profit organizations the opportunity to have sell solar power from their solar installation at high, fixed rate, allowing the savings generated by the solar system to pay itself off over a shorter period of time.

Solar City Program

Available for property owners with faith-based buildings located within the HRM): The solar city program allows a property owner to install a solar installation on their property and pay back the cost of the installation over time through a Local Improvement Charge attached to the property itself.


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