A Climate for Change

Parkdale United Church in Calgary is working on Creating a Climate for Change

Pictured above are Parkdale Members Bev Delong, Eneyda Rios, Ken Coburn, and Ted Moon (left to right) getting ready to replace their old seven-pilot boiler. 

The following is the text from their ‘Creating a Climate for Change’ brochure. Read more about Parkdale United in Calgary here.

We are inspired by the Biblical call to be good stewards of the Earth and by the warnings from the International Panel on Climate Change. Our community has shared books and movies further explaining the need to adapt to lessen our use of power and water. We have the means to be part of the healing of the Earth. Here is what we have done so far.

To learn about options, we engaged in an environmental audit in June 2012 by Stephen Collette organized through Faith & the Common Good resulting in recommendations for action.

To lessen our carbon output, Parkdale is:

  • Purchasing a boiler that will reduce our output by an annual 15 - 18 tonnes of CO 2
  • Anticipates the installation of solar panels will further reduce our CO2 production annually by 10 tonnes.
  • Plans that the auditorium roof insulation will reduce CO2 by a further 3.0 to 5.0 tonnes.
  • Switched many light fixtures to T8 compact fluorescent bulbs
  • Has replaced an elderly fridge with a more energy efficient model
  • Gas stopped use of the inefficient freezer in the main kitchen and
  • Installed foam gaskets for insulation in the exterior wall electrical outlets.

To lessen the volume of water treated, and conserve water, Parkdale has:

  • Installed five low flush toilets reducing water usage from 13 litres per flush to 6 litres
  • Water faucets have been checked to ensure there are no leaks and
  • 1.5 GPM low flow aerators were installed to reduce hot (and cold) water consumption.

To create a healthier building, we have: moved to environmentally friendly clearing products & dishwashing liquid, removed a volume of old VOC-carrying paint cans from the church, and called for a “no-scent” policy among users of the building

To decrease production of plastics, and lessen waste going to the landfill, Parkdale has: called for called on users to minimize use of disposable dishes and cutlery and to not use styrofoam and placed paper recycling bins throughout the church.

To discourage the commercial production of water and in keeping with recommendations from the United Church of Canada, Parkdale has installed two filtered water systems and is encouraging all users of the building to use them rather than bottled water.

To enable paper recycling, paper recycling bins to be placed in conference rooms that are available for rental.

Next Steps? What would you suggest?

Are you interested in information on solar panels for your home? Perhaps you would like other information on environmental possibilities. Let us know!

Words of thanks!

Our gratitude goes to Parkdale Council, Parkdale’s Operations Committee and Faith and Justice Committee for their considerable work on these projects.

We acknowledge with thanks the financial support received from the bequest of Janet Tollefson and the work of the Committee that evaluated potential projects to be addressed by that bequest.

We also thank the people who regularly contribute to these projects at our monthly movie night.